Drake Roasts Steph and Ayesha Curry With Hilarious 'Get Out' Parody at the NBA Awards

Steph and Ayesha Curry might be the NBA’s favorite couple, but that doesn’t mean they’re free from catching a little shade!
Drake hosted the first annual NBA Awards on Monday night, and poked fun at the Golden State Warriors star and his wife via a hilarious Get Out parody.
With the rapper himself starring as Steph, Pitch star Kylie Bunbury standing in for Ayesha, and Get Out standout Lil Rel Howery playing Warriors forward Draymond Green, the skit imagined what life in the Curry household was like after the Warriors took home the NBA title earlier this month. (Spoiler alert: It looks a lot like Jordan Peele’s acclaimed thriller.)
In the bit, Draymond calls Steph, asking him to come celebrate with the team at the “lit AF” championship party, but Ayesha has other plans.
“You know the rules,” she warns. “No phone calls after 10 a.m. unless it’s God or Steve Harvey.”
“It’s a shindig with coworkers,” Steph protests. “Klay’s [Thompson] gonna be there. That’s like having a chaperone!”
“We celebrated, remember?” Ayesha reminds him, measuredly stirring her cup of tea, preparing to send him to the “Sunken Place.” “We bought those matching sweaters.”
Draymond calls back, but Steph is sunk deep in his wife’s hypnosis, donning a onesie emblazoned with her face. “I’m glad we stayed in tonight,” he says robotically.
See more from the real-life Currys in the video below!