Eminem Has a Beard and Brown Hair Now and the Internet Can't Handle It

While Eminem is famous for his iconic look -- short blonde hair and clean-shaven face -- the 44-year-old rapper has radically changed his appearance and he's almost unrecognizable.
The "Lose Yourself" artist came out to the premiere of HBO's The Defiant Ones on Thursday sporting dark hair and some scruff that almost made him look like a different person.
Eminem revealed the new look in an Instagram pic he posted from the event, in which he posed next to Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar.
"Just a couple of guys from Compton and one from Detroit. With a beard," he captioned the pic.

The 8-Mile star also posed on the red carpet alongside Dre and iconic record producer Jimmy Iovine, who are the subjects of the upcoming HBO documentary series.
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His new style is a far cry from what fans are used to, and is almost nothing like how he looks in The Defiant Ones trailer.
His beard made another appearance on Friday, when he was photographed hanging out at a recording studio in Malibu with 2 Chainz. The 39-year-old "No Lie" rapper took to Instagram to share a pic, which he captioned, "Sooo this jus happened."

Rumors of a collaboration spread when Nolan Presley, one of 2 Chainz musical engineers, posted a photo with the newly scruffy rapper, which he captioned, "Just finished a session with @eminem."

When it came to the court of public opinion, fans were split when it came to his new beard, with some strongly in favor of him keeping it, while others called for an immediate shave.