EXCLUSIVE: Amy Poehler Says She's 'Old School' When it Comes to Parenting: 'I'm the Boss'

Amy Poehler is "the boss!"
The 45-year-old actress stars alongside Will Ferrell in the upcoming comedy The House, in which they play parents who start an illegal basement casino to raise money to send their daughter to college. In real life, however, Poehler told ET that she's a pretty "tough" parent.
"Not too tough, but tough enough," the actress -- who shares two sons, 8-year-old Archie and 6-year-old Abel, with ex-husband Will Arnett -- revealed to ET's Carly Steel at the film's Los Angeles premiere on Monday. "I might be a little old school."
"I'm not very indulgent. I think children are given a lot of leeway and a lot of license to feel a lot of feelings and say what they want. That doesn't really happen in my home so much," she explained. "Everybody, I'm the boss."
As for Ferrell, he pretty much confirmed the opposite.
"I'm pretty lax," said the father to sons Magnus, 13, Mattias, 10, and Axel, 7, "but then all of the sudden I go crazy, and they look at me like, 'Whoa, where did that come from?'"
"I think it freaks them out a little bit, so they wouldn't say I'm the mean one, but on a chart, I'm not as mean as their mom," he joked. "Their mom is always like, 'Put this away! Do that!' I'll be like, 'Yeah, don't worry about it.' Also I'm like, 'Hey! Watch it!'"
"I would just start laughing," Steel said of Ferrell's warning.
"Well, they sometimes laugh too," the actor confessed.
The House hits theaters this Friday.