Kim Kardashian Reminisces on Her First Instagram and Twitter Posts for Social Media Day

Getty Images
Kim Kardashian is celebrating Social Media Day!
The 36-year-old reality star honored the holiday on her app with an entry reminiscing on her first-ever social media posts. 
Kardashian first tweeted in 2009, writing, "Hey guys it's Kim Kardashian! I finally signed up for Twitter! There are a few fakes so just know this is the real me!!!"
"Twitter was one of the first social media tools I used to connect with fans and it's still so much fun!" she wrote on her app. "Twitter is the place where I feel like I can be myself. I love the conversation with people."
Kardashian Instagrammed for the first time in 2012.

"I had just gotten my hair and makeup done, and was about to film something for my show," she explained of her first post. "Out of all of the social media tools I use, Instagram definitely has the most pressure. I'm really particular about how my Instagram looks, but I love how I get to be really creative. I even use apps like Un Um to help curate my feed."
The mother of two says pal Jonathan Cheban introduced her to Snapchat.
"I first got a secret Snapchat to lurk on my friends," she revealed. "Jonathan told me that if I followed some of our friends and saw what they really do in their real life (wasted and acting so crazy), I would never be friends with them again, lol. So, he walked me through how to make a Snapchat. Eventually, I thought it was fun, so I decided to make a public one! The filters are the best."
While Kardashian clearly loves social media, she revealed during a recent visit to The View that she's "terrified" her children will be bullied on social media. See more in the video below.