Kathy Griffin Seemingly Confirms Secret Service Interview After Trump Photo Controversy: 'Yes, It's True'

Kathy Griffin may have faced some intense Secret Service questioning after the fallout from her controversial photo.
Griffin -- who drew widespread condemnation in May for sharing a picture of herself wielding a fake severed head designed to resemble President Donald Trump -- took to Twitter on Thursday, seeming to cryptically confirm that the government agency interviewed her following the incident.
"Yes, it's true," the 56-year-old comedian tweeted.
New York Magazine's Yashar Ali tweeted out the report of Griffin's supposed questioning on Monday.
Griffin apologized for the photo, which led to her losing several business deals, including being fired by CNN as well as the cancellation of several tour dates, but also maintained that the president is a "bully.
"He's a bully," she said during a press conference last month. "I've dealt with older, white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career. I'm a woman in a very male-dominated field. I love what do, I love making people laugh more than anything in the world."
Meanwhile, Griffin's friend and former colleague, Anderson Cooper, spoke out to say he wants "nothing but good things" for her.
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