Kermit the Frog Gets a New Voice Actor After 27 Years

Photo: AP
Kermit the Frog will be sounding a little bit different moving forward.
Puppeteer Steve Whitmire, who has performed as Kermit for 27 years, will no longer be voicing the famous amphibian in various Muppets TV programs and films, a spokesperson for The Muppets Studio confirmed to NPR on Tuesday. Longtime show veteran Matt Vogel will take his place. 
Whitmire first joined the Muppets in 1978, and voiced Kermit since the death of show creator Jim Henson in 1990. He has also played Ernie, Rizzo the Rat and Beaker, among other characters.
Thoughout his career, Whitmire has also voiced Sesame Street's Big Bird and Count von Count.
ET sat down with Kermit in 2015, where he gave his first interview since his split from Miss Piggy. 
Watch below.