EXCLUSIVE: 'True Blood' Star Stephen Moyer Talks Nelsan Ellis' Death: 'It's A Really Rough Time'

True Blood star Stephen Moyer and his castmates are continuing to mourn Nelsan Ellis.
During his interview with ET Online's Leanne Aguilera, Moyer revealed that his wife and co-star Anna Paquin is attending the actor's funeral.
"Anna is at the funeral at this exact second in Chicago, with a bunch of our gang." He added, "Yeah, it's a really rough time."
Moyer also met up with fellow True Blood alum Deborah Ann Woll during San Diego Comic-Con. "I saw her last night actually, and yeah, we talked about him. It's tough," he said.
Ellis died on July 8 at the age of 39 due to complications from heart failure.
His family later revealed the actor's struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, sharing that he was "reluctant to talk about it during his life" but they believed that "in death he would want his life to serve as a cautionary tale in an attempt to help others."
For more on Ellis' passing, watch below.