Selena Gomez Gets Strangely Sexy, Pushes the Boundaries in Edgy New 'Fetish' Video

Photo: Instagram
Selena Gomez's aesthetic is definitely taking an interesting turn.
The 25-year-old singer released the music video for her new song, "Fetish," on Wednesday, and it's definitely giving fans plenty to talk about. Gomez writhes around in girlish '70s designs -- a continuation from her last video, the similarly retro-themed "Bad Liar" -- and exhibits some strange, somewhat unnerving behavior.
At different points in the video, the baby-faced Gomez eats broken glass, takes an eyelash curler to her tongue, eats a bar of soap, smashes bright pink lipstick into her teeth and completely destroys her kitchen while rolling around in the mess.

The video is directed by artist Petra Collins, who also directed "Bar Liar."
Watch the full video below:
Gomez celebrated her 25th birthday over the weekend, first with a low-key birthday bash with her "people," then a casual lunch date with her boyfriend, The Weeknd, who flew back from Paris to be with her.
Watch the video to check out the couple's sweet outing.