Ryan Reynolds Is Absolutely Ripped Under His 'Deadpool' Costume -- See the Pic!

Photo: Instagram
We might not be able to see Ryan Reynolds' incredible abs under his Deadpool costume, but they're definitely there.
The 40-year-old actor's trainer, Don Saladino, gave fans a peek of exactly what he's hiding under his suit in a side-by-side Instagram pic on Thursday.
"@joshbrolin , you still have some work to do. 😉," Saladino teased the Deadpool newbie alongside the snap.

Reynolds called out another Marvel star while opening up about getting in Deadpool shape in the new issue of Men's Health. 
"Hugh Jackman has a dedication to his craft that I'm afraid I don't share," he explained. "If I'm up at 2 in the morning, it's because something has gone terribly wrong."
"[Saladino] has programs that I can access online because when I'm shooting, my hours are so erratic," he added. "I don't want to have to meet someone at four in the morning in a dark gym. I just want to go when I can go."
See more in the video below.