Rebel Wilson Suffers Minor Concussion: 'Won't Be Doing Any Crazy Stunts The Next Few Days'

Photo: Getty Images
Rebel Wilson is "slaying" her minor concussion.
The 37-year-old actress took to social media on Tuesday to reveal that she had suffered a minor concussion -- but that she was back in action and ready to rock later that night.
"Started the day with a fall that led to a mild concussion...yet somehow looking not bad at 7pm," she captioned a shot on Instagram. "Thank you to everyone on Long Island who helped me today in the emergency room & ambulance x."

"Slaying my mild concussion suffered today!" she added on Twitter. "Won't be doing any crazy stunts the next few days though!" 
Wilson is lucky to have everyone on Long Island looking out for her.
In a 2015 interview with Elle Australia, the actress revealed that she relies on her real friends when it comes to the serious stuff.
"I have a lot of celebrity friends. But they're all Hollywood friends," Wilson said. "You can't call them if you fall over and break your leg, but if you're having a BBQ and wanna chitchat, you hang out with them, or you go to their house." 
See more in the video below.