Watch: Kelsey Grammer Rules Chicago in 'Boss'

Meet Chicago Mayor Tom Kane, a self-proclaimed "bad man" who's done some very bad things. 
Kelsey Grammer stars in the new Starz series Boss as a dark and downright intimidating leader fighting to keep the Windy City safe at any cost. Although he may come off as a man with Chicago's best interests at heart, his character struggles with some major demons.
This isn't Grammer's first jaunt into political drama (he played an American President in 2008's Swing Vote), however he is best known for his comedic roles in Frasier, Back to You and The Simpsons which makes this reversal all the more impressive.
Watch the compelling new trailer and tell us what you think. Can Kelsey pull off this new tough-as-nails role?
Boss makes its debut October 21 on Starz.