Paula Deen Learns to 'Share Hope' Despite Diabetes

Celebrity chef Paula Deen revealed her struggle with diabetes this morning, and on Wednesday's episode of The Chew she's opening up about her decision to go public with the diagnosis.
Paula has lived with the knowledge that she has type 2 diabetes for over two years, but she chose to stay quiet on the subject until she educated herself concerning the disease.
"It was really something that I had to digest," Paula explained. "I've always been the type of person to overcome adversaries and I had nothing to bring to the table ... I didn't know anything about it."
Paula wanted to be able to be informative on ways to live with diabetes while still "enjoying the things you love."
"Today, I've done a lot of research," said Paula, who credited her family and friends for teaching her how to share hope with other people. "I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with knowledgeable people and today I have something to bring to the table."
The Chew airs weekdays on ABC.