Spoiler! 'Glee' Shocker: Is Rachel Engaged?

For weeks, fans have looked forward to tonight's hotly-anticipated, Michael Jackson themed episode of Glee, but in a shocking turn of events, the King of Pop was upstaged by the lovestruck teens of McKinley High.
Following a heartwarming duet of I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Rachel unexpectedly delivers her response to Finn's proposal of marriage.
"Yes, I will marry you," said Rachel tearfully as Finn slipped an engagement band onto her finger.
Although the foundation of their upcoming union is lain upon fears that her NYADA dreams won't come true, she nevertheless professes, "You're the love of my life. I may not get to have it all, but at least I'll have what matters if we're together."
Get your tissues handy Gleeks, and press play!
Glee airs Tuesday nights on FOX.