Couple Spends Over $1 Mil. On Cabbage Patch Kids

Meet Joe and Pat Prosey, proud "parents" of more than 5,000 Cabbage Patch Kids!
My Crazy Obsession, an eight-part extension of the popular reality series My Collection Obsession, will feature the couple and their expansive brood in their day-to-day life, catering to their "babies" as one might their own flesh and blood.
While Joe and Pat admit they do have a favorite of the bunch (Kevin), they lavish mounds of attention equally towards the rest of their dolls (which they prefer to call their "Kids" or "babies"), spending over $1 million dollars on lavish play dates for their Cabbage Patch offspring and friends.
Mark your calendars! My Crazy Obsession premieres Wednesday, March 7 at 10 p.m. on TLC.