Jack Wagner on His Unexpected 'DWTS' Elimination

After an emotional week on Dancing with the Stars somebody unfortunately had to be eliminated, and actor Jack Wagner and his dancing partner Anna Trebunskaya revealed to ET that were caught-off guard when they were selected as the eliminated duo.
"I don't think anybody expected [that we would be eliminated]," Wagner said backstage after the show, adding that there were five or six couples who were in the same boat as he and his partner. "Somebody had to go and it was us."
Although the Bold and the Beautiful actor was slightly disappointed to be eliminated from the show, he stated that Dancing had been a good experience for him. "I like getting up every day and really pushing myself," he said. "[Anna] pushed me. We really worked hard together and I think having that day in and day out really gives your mind something to focus on."
Wagner's fellow cast members had nothing but positive remarks about him and said that they would miss his positive presence. "He's always so encouraging and he's always got a smile," Gladys Knight said. "He [was always] sweating like crazy 'cause he works hard."
The elimination served as a reminder to the cast members to not get overconfident or take their position in the show for granted. "It's a constant reminder [that] it's a competition. We gotta stay on our game," Jaleel White said.
"I don't think you can ever take anything for granted," Katherine Jenkins evaluated. "You just never know so. I'm just looking at it week by week and I'm thrilled that we're going on to Rock Week."
Dancing with the Stars continues next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.