The Killing Exclusive: Jasper Gets Interrogated

The Killing continues to intensify as the investigation into Rosie's death progresses, and ETonline has an exclusive clip of last night's episode.
A trace of phone records leads Linden and Holder to the home of Michael Ames, and the two interrogate Ames' son Jasper about what he remembers of the night of Rosie's death. Jasper denies the circulating media reports about Rosie being a prostitute and says that she was "a dork, a total virgin."
Jasper gets edgy when Holder entices him by implying that Mr. Ames was having an affair with Rosie because Jasper wasn't giving her what she needed. According to Jasper, his dad came in at four in the morning on the night Rosie was killed.
Check out the full clip above for more. The Killing airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.