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Donald Driver, 'DWTS' Winner & Thriller Killer?

Donald Driver was granted the Mirrorball Trophy Tuesday night on Dancing with the Stars, and while the 37-year-old football veteran has a few years left on the field, he revealed to ET on Monday that he may be interested in acting sometime. The newly crowned winner elaborated on what genre of acting he would be interested in.

VIDEO: Donald Driver Reveals Interest in Acting

When prompted about his genre of choice, Driver took a moment to ponder on it and then concluded, "Thriller, 'cause I like scary movies. Maybe something where I'm killing people," he said with a smile. "Maybe I'm the killer."

Driver played the role of killer on Tuesday when he crushed the Mirrorball dreams of runners-up William Levy and Katherine Jenkins, but the two were in high spirits after the show and took their hats off to Mr. Driver. "Donald is a gentleman. I've grown to really love his family," Jenkins praised. "We've all really bonded, and it's just nice to see a good guy win it. I'm happy for him."

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With all the daily hard work that the cast puts in for the show, Levy asserted that he felt relieved to be done more than anything. "I feel relieved now that we did everything that we could possibly do to win this," the 31-year-old actor said. "I feel like we had a lot of fun and that was the main thing here. Through the whole competition, it was just, 'Let's have fun. Let's not compete with anybody but ourselves and let's be the best we can be,' and I think we did that."

While the cast was certainly relieved to take a break from Dancing's intense schedule, they were also sad to depart from their partners and the rest of the cast. "I'm emotional 'cause that's it now," Jenkins said. "I've laughed so much with Mark (dancing partner). We've had an amazing time. Learning to dance like this is a real blessing and I've made lots of friends so I'm gutted it's all done."

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Check out the full video above for more from Dancing with the Stars winner Donald Driver and the rest of the cast. The show will debut its first All-Stars season this fall.