William Shatner Schools Freshmen of 'Rookie Blue'

William Shatner makes a guest appearance on Rookie Blue's upcoming season, and the Montreal native spoke to ET Canada about his own days as a "bandit."
"I stole a bag of candy when I was six," Shatner joked when asked about the biggest aberrations of his youth. "I was in real trouble, and I cried in my father's arms. I was in deep trouble."
Shatner, 81, is far from a rookie when it comes to the small screen, so what's the secret to his longevity?
"I have natural talent," joked Shatner in a voice that suggested feigned bravado. However, the veteran actor's Golden Globe and Emmy awards -- not to mention his legion of fans -- might validate that statement.
Watch the season premiere of Rookie Blue tonight at 10/9c on ABC.