Perry Open to 'Friends' Cast Appearing on New Show

It appears Matthew Perry is still chummy with his old Friends.
The actor returns to the Peacock Network this fall with his brand-new series, Go On, nearly a decade after the final episode of Friends aired in 2004. While he and his former co-stars have since gone their separate ways, Perry says he would welcome his TV pals with open arms to his new show.
"That would be fantastic somewhere down the line," said Perry, cautioning fans not to get their hopes up so early in the game. After all, the series has yet to air its debut episode.
"You want to sort of set up that these people [first]," he adds.
In Go On, Perry plays cocky sportscaster Ryan King who has recently lost his wife in a car accident. After taking some time off work Ryan's boss forces him to take counseling before allowing him back on the radio.
Go On debuts Tuesday, September 11 on NBC.