First Look: 'The Walking Dead' Returns

Photo: AMC
The Walking Dead ended the first half of its third season in spectacular fashion, all but eradicating the much-bemoaned season two from our minds. Now, with the 2013 premiere looming, AMC has released a pair of previews that reveal what comes next for Rick, Michonne, The Governor and the recently reunited Dixon brothers.
As you can see in the teaser, Andrea isn't bidding adieu to her former compatriots that easily -- although it appears that she (accidentally? intentionally?) leads The Governor directly to them, resulting in one more shoot-out. Elsewhere, Glenn and Michonne hatch a plan, Carl comes clean about his father's shortcomings and zombie blood is spilled.
The second sneak peek comes in the form of a clip, which picks up right where the finale left off and shows you a little more from Merle and Daryl's un-happy family reunion.
The Walking Dead returns February 10 at 9 p.m. on AMC.