Can You Spot J-Law in This 'Monk' Episode?

Photo: TBS
Though she's already been nominated for two Academy Awards at just 22 years old, Jennifer Lawrence hasn't always had her pick of the best roles in Hollywood -- which she hilariously displayed by revealing to Conan O'Brien the major letdown she received earlier in her career when she thought she was getting a plum guest starring role on USA hit Monk.
"For the Monk episode there was Emily J. and Emily C. -- I thought I was going to play Emily C.," she explained during her guest appearance on Conan Tuesday night. "So this one girl that's in [my] church goes, 'I'm gonna be playing Emily J. on Monk,' and I go, 'Oh my God I'm going to play Emily C., this is great!'"
Only it turns out Jennifer didn't exactly get the part she was hoping for.
"[Turns] out I'm not playing that part -- I'm playing the mascot," she laughed. "And so everybody watched it after I told them that I'm going to have this great, huge part and I was just the mascot -- and I've never been back to church since."
Check out the video to see Jennifer's under the radar Monk appearance, and for her priceless reaction to the unearthed clip.