U.K. Zombies Stagger 'In the Flesh'

BBC Three
Looks like the U.K. is cashing in on the Walking Dead craze with its own zombie TV series on BBC Three called In the Flesh, and it looks pretty damn good. Get a first look at the trailer, and Beware Rotters!
In the Flesh, which premieres Sunday March 17 in England (no U.S. release date has been announced yet, but you can be sure it'll come our way), is set after a zombie uprising, with treated zombies rehabilitated back into society.
The title is also cleverly taken from Pink Floyd's The Wall, whose tune of the same name is associated with politics and fascism, a grand show and larger-than-life figures not being what they seem.
Although In the Flesh looks to be taking itself quite seriously, the idea was explored in the 2006 comedic zombie flick Fido, which starred Scottish star Billy Connolly as a pet zombie in a world trying to pick up the pieces after an undead outbreak.