Watch Hilarious Fallon Fake Arms Sketch


March 14, 2013

Jimmy Fallon's true strengths in late night are when he gets out from behind his desk and dives into a musical bit or silly sketch with his celebrity guests, and last night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was no exception as Steve Carell and Justin Timberlake mined a pile of laughs in a special "Suit & Tie" edition of the faux soap opera Jacob's Patience -- in which the characters only have mannequin hands.

Pics: Actors Who Almost Got the Part

Jimmy first got laughs with Will Farrell in a Jacob’s Patience sketch two years ago that took place in a deli. Packed with amusing *NSYNC jokes and plenty of hand-fumbling humor, half of the laughs from last night's sketch come from watching the famous trio attempt to keep a straight face as they go through the paces of tying a tie, drinking water and measuring Jimmy's inseam. We dare you not to crack up…

Part One is above, Part Two below…

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