It's Olivia vs. Fitz on 'Scandal'

It's been an entire month since Scandal aired a new episode, and that painful wait is finally over tonight as ABC unleashed a string of new episodes, beginning with Top of the Hour!
Olivia finds herself in the middle of a media storm in the episode as Fitz's pick for Supreme Court Justice is caught in a torrid affair with her new client (played by House alum Lisa Edelstein). This not only puts Liv at odds with The Commander-in-Chief, but also Cyrus as you can see from this vitriol-laced sneak peek clip!
Cyrus' frustrations run rampant inside the White House as well since he and Mellie are at odds like never before, both clamoring for Fitz's attention -- but it looks like the president may already have a new pet project.
Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC!