8 (More) TV Shows Worth Rerunning

Over the last year, MTV and Nickelodeon have tapped into viewers' nostalgia by resurrecting a few of their long-gone but still-beloved series for special runs to much fan fervor.
Nickelodeon kicked off the trend last March with the invention of their midnight to 2 a.m. '90s Are All That block, featuring reruns of Rugrats, Kenan & Kel, Pete & Pete, The Amanda Show, All That, and Clarissa Explains It All.
MTV followed suit this past summer by rerunning Laguna Beach from the beginning, which led into The Hills and then Daria, once Brody's backdrop was wheeled off.
The one-time music video channel also brought back four classic seasons of The Real World this past weekend as a promotional tool to help launch season 28, which takes place in Portland and premieres this Wednesday.
Since I stayed up late for Nick's '90s, procrastinated my work during those lazy Hills days and canceled plans to get Real this weekend, I think it's safe to say the rerun redux works, so here are 8 more cable shows worth re-airings!
Showbiz Moms & Dads
Originally Aired: On Bravo in 2004
Why It Warrants Re-Running: A precursor to Honey Boo-Boo, this docuseries followed five fame-hungry families as they traversed the rocky road to stardom. Played like Best in Show for humans.
Most Memorable Character: Duncan Nutter, the ultimate stage father, whose last name doubled as the perfect descriptor.
Are You Afraid of the Dark
Originally Aired: On Nickelodeon from 1990-1996
Why It Warrants Re-Running: There's no doubt in my mind that these episodes have not stood the test of time, so it would be nice to view these horrific after school specials through the lens of adulthood and not my fingers.
Most Memorable Character: Each episode featured a different story-vignette, meaning you could see some major Hollywood stars (Ryan Gosling, Neve Campbell, Hayden Christensen, Emily Van Camp) before they were famous.
So NoTORIous
Originally Aired: On VH1 in 2006
Why It Warrants Re-Running: Before Tori Spelling officially entered full-time reality TV territory with Oxygen's Tori & Dean, she starred as herself on this campy comedy that served as a sensational send up of her Hollywood image.
Most Memorable Character: Tori's gay B.F.F Sasan was played by a pre-Heroes Zachary Quinto.
Dinner For Five
Originally Aired: On IFC from 2001 - 2005
Why It Warrants Re-Running: When he was still most known for Swingers, John Favreau played host to Hollywood's best dinner parties that turned into fascinating roundtable discussions on everything from movie-making to fame-seeking.
Most Memorable Character: While everyone from A(lan Cumming) to Z(ooey Deschanel) dined on this succulent series, its host proved most deft at keeping control of his guests.
Rich Girls
Originally Aired: On MTV from 2003 - 2004.
Why It Warrants Re-Running: Starring Tommy Hilfiger's daughter Ally and her then-best friend Jaime Gleicher, Rich Girls showcased the terribly vapid twosome's endlessly quotable stream of unselfconsciousness.
Most Memorable Character: Oddly enough, Tommy Hilfiger, who would randomly cameo to diss Ralph Lauren.
Hey Paula
Originally Aired: On Bravo in 2007.
Why It Warrants Re-Running: The one season show was a trainwreck as it captured Paula Abdul in the most unflattering (yet oddly human) light imaginable. Also, since the show aired before the GIF was popularized, re-running the episodes would provide fans with an opportunity to permanently capture her most diva-ine moments.
Most Memorable Character: Jeff, Abdul's long-suffering publicist, who is immortalized in the oft-quoted, "I work my ass off, Jeff!"
The RuPaul Show
Originally Aired: On VH1 from 1996-1998.
Why It Warrants Re-Running: Before Drag Race, RuPaul was still Supermodel of the World when she hosted this delightful variety/talk show that gave equal airtime, and respect, to emerging and fading stars.
Most Memorable Character: Diana Ross made a rare TV appearance on the show in 1996.
Total Request Live
Originally Aired: On MTV from 1998 - 2002
Why It Warrants Re-Running: First, I know what you're thinking: TRL ran until 2008. While true, I would argue that the show was at its best, and most rewatchable, when Carson Daly hosted. Under his watchful eye, TRL bared witness to the rise of the millennium's biggest -- and most enduring -- acts. Getting to relive their early years would be a treat. Plus, it would give MTV the opportunity to actually play some (albeit, crazy old) music videos.
Most Memorable Character: From mid-meltdown Mariah to a rant from Robin Williams, countless stars used TRL as a substitute for therapy.
Which now-dead TV show would you like to see resurrected?