7 'Glee' Songs That Improve on the Original

Photo: FOX
Story-wise, Glee has been all over the map throughout the last three seasons -- characters are built up only to be knocked down ... and in some case, inexplicably discarded. But the one constant (some may call it the one saving grace) has been the show's ability to consistently churn out chart-topping covers of classic and contemporary tunes.
And while many tracks hit #1 on the iTunes chart, not all of them improve upon the original. But every so often, New Directions nails a performance so completely, it eclipses the original.
I've scoured through my iPod and discovered 7 straight covers (no mash-ups allowed!) that soared over their precursor!
I Love You Like A Love SongOriginally Performed By:Selena Gomez and The ScenePerformed on Glee By:Naya RiveraWhy It's Better: Simply put, Naya's vocal range outpaces Selena's, resulting in a perkier pop song.
Teenage DreamOriginally Performed By: Katy PerryPerformed on Glee By:Darren CrissWhy It's Better: The acapella arrangement was an exciting addition to this popular jam.
We Are YoungOriginally Performed By:Fun.Performed on Glee By:Whole CastWhy It's Better: The message brought to life in the song is better realized by an ensemble than a singular singer.
Bust Your WindowsOriginally Performed By:Jazmine SullivanPerformed on Glee By:Amber RileyWhy It's Better: Amber's ridonk vocal range means she's more capable of fully realizing the anger, aggression and infectious energy implied by the lyrics.
ToxicOriginally Performed By:Britney SpearsPerformed on Glee By:Whole CastWhy It's Better: The moody reworking on Brit's pop masterpiece brings a whole new vibe to the song, allowing strippers to take the tempo down a notch without losing any of the inherent sexiness.
When I Get You AloneOriginally Performed By:Robin ThickePerformed on Glee By:Darren CrissWhy It's Better: Darren's juicy vocals trump the nasally delivery Robin served up in 2002.
Jar of HeartsOriginally Performed By:Christina PerriPerformed on Glee By:Lea MicheleWhy It's Better: No tea, no shade -- Lea is a phenomenal singer, Christina is a phenomenal songwriter and dancer.