EXCLUSIVE: 'Girl Code' on Office Romances

Sure having a steamy office romance seems tempting, but what do the experts of MTV's Girl Code have to say about hooking up with your co-workers?
"Having an office romance, don't do it -- it's really hot, but don't do it," Tanisha Long says. "Totally hot -- absolutely not."
But according to Alice Wetterlund, it all depends.
"I think workplace romance can be fine as long as you're just in a job-job, not a career job," she advises. "Like your first job, it's cool to date the guy who's the stock boy -- which is what I did."
Check out this exclusive clip for some perhaps NSFW thoughts on office romance!
Girl Code airs tonight with two all-new episodes at 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 ET/PT on MTV.

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