Sandra Bullock Drops F-Bomb on 'Tonight Show'

Photo: NBC
Sandra Bullock heated things up on Wednesday night's Tonight Show with Jay Leno when she let some foul language jump off her tongue.
An iniquitous "f-bomb" was dropped when The Heat star and the late-night host were discussing the foul language in her upcoming comedy with Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy.
Bullock explains that the film, centered on her and McCarthy's character's quest to take down a Russian mobster, contains a total of 190 f-bombs, most of which are uttered by McCarthy's character.
"When you drop them, you're just cooler," Bullock says, tongue-in-cheek. "I'm cooler when I drop them."
That comment encourages Leno to ask the 48-year-old actress if she uses foul language in her everyday life, to which she responds by assuring him that she doesn't swear around children.
Leno highlights that no children are present in the audience, implying that she should give him a sample swear.
"You know, it just makes me f***ing cool when I drop them," Bullock responds to an uproar of applause.
Watch the amusing video for yourself below.