'Haven': Emily Rose Teases Dark Character Shift

With another dramatic, suspenseful season of Haven on the horizon, ET caught up with its stars at Comic-Con for a preview of what viewers can expect this fall, including a shift in Audrey's persona.
"There's a time cut from the climatic cliffhanger that Season 3 ended on," said former Eureka star Colin Ferguson, who will join the show as "William" on Season 4. "...Then it goes through a series of reveals and...this amazing story of love, pain, and satisfaction."
While the cast was hesitant to disclose any significant information about the upcoming season of the Syfy supernatural drama, they did preview a character swing for the series' protagonist, FBI special agent "Audrey Parker."
"She comes back and has a new twist on her persona," said Emily Rose, who plays the clever character.
"The cool thing about Audrey Parker is she's been a lot of different people in the past and she could be more people, so it was really neat to come back this season and play a completely different [character]."
Although most of the specifics of the upcoming season are held under tight secrecy, the cast addressed a spreading rumor about a "frozen mystery" on the upcoming season.
"The air conditioning went haywire in an episode," Eric Balfour ("Duke Crocker") previewed. "...[The situation] is not really dangerous or life-threatening but [some people get] slight hypothermia. Somebody loses a part of a pinky finger. It's pretty big."
Watch the video above for more from the cast of Haven at Comic-Con. The show returns September 13 at 10 p.m. on Syfy.