First Look: Arsenio Hall's New Late-Night Set

ET was the one show invited to visit the new set of The Arsenio Hall Show, where the returning late-night host gave Rob Marciano the honor of being the first guest.
"Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Rob Dog," Arsenio said, bringing Rob out onto the snazzy stage.
With the show premiering a week from Monday, the staff is in full rehearsal mode and they're already talking about the possibility of a few big gets -- namely Prince.
Arsenio described a telephone conversation he recently had with The Purple One, saying, "[Prince] said, 'Congratulations! Save me a night.'"
As for whether or not Arsenio will bring back the iconic dog pound, the comedian said, "Even if there's not a dog pound, there will be a dog pound of sorts."
Be sure to tune in for The Arsenio Hall Show premiere on September 9. Click here for your local listings.