'BB15' Cast on Racism, Firings & The Winner!


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September 19, 2013

ETonline: You dealt with a lot of hate this season, how would you describe your experience?
Candice: I will say this, I went inside the BB house a size six and I'm now a size 10 honey. The way I dealt with it was eating. I mean, my family had to send me this dress because none of my clothes fit anymore [laughs]. So I dealt with it by eating and praying. I was just so stressed out. But I've grown as a person and a lot of the things I was subjected to were from Aaryn, and I will say this: I did not believe Aaryn could change, but once she got evicted from the game and booed after Julie's challenging questions, she came into the jury house and I saw her growing as a human being. I believe this all stems from how she was raised. I don't think it's racism, I think it's ignorance. She's so young. For me, I had to embrace her with love and to be totally honest with you, we've come to a good place. We're not going shopping or anything, but maybe Facebook friends.

ETonline: What was the hardest part for you?
Candice: What hurt me the most is Aaryn and I have very similar backgrounds: she was a cheerleader, she did pageants, all these things I did too. So why didn't she like me? Just because of my skin color? That's what hurt the most.

ETonline: Fans struggled to find an inciting incident for Aaryn's dislike of you, but couldn't ever pinpoint a moment. Why do you think she didn't like you?
Candice: I still don't know. There really was nothing that happened. She came to me on day four and was like, "I just want to tell you, I didn't like you when we first got here but I think you're OK." And then she'd go create drama. I kept asking Howard what it was about me that was so unlikable. I know I'm an intimidating and strong woman, but I just didn't get it. So I'm left to believe that it's got to be because of the color of my skin, which is hurtful. And I know watching this season is going to be so hurtful, but I will say that once she was around me in the jury house, I saw her little mind realizing how similar we are, so I do think she's grown.

ETonline: Well, as a result of the things they said, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer have all lost their jobs.
Candice: Spencer too? Wow. Well, he said some harsh things. I don't think they know that yet ... oh man. I think Aaryn's heart convicted her. After she got booed I think she started looking back on how she was raised and how closed-minded she was. I saw her starting to make her own views of the world, which I love because if she can do that, everyone in America can do that. Racism is still very much alive in America and if you meet hate with hate, we're never going to change and grow. For me, I'm going to do like Jesus did and forgive.

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