'BB15' Cast on Racism, Firings & The Winner!


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September 19, 2013

ETonline: What did you think of tonight's vote?
Jessie: I was surprised it wasn't unanimous. Well, I knew GM would get Aaryn's vote. Honestly, for me it came down to tonight's questions [laughs].

ETonline: All your faces while GinaMarie was answering those jury questions were priceless.
Jessie: [laughs] Oh god. She was just ... I kept hoping the fans could read our minds in that moment. We were rooting for her to not answer like that. If she'd blown me away with some answer beyond "I lost Nick," I might have reconsidered my vote. But ... she didn't.

ETonline: Last week they aired a moment of you hysterically crying in the DR, screaming, "I hate all these people..."
Jessie: They used that?!?! Oh my god! F*ck them! [laughs]

ETonline: Is that indicative of your entire experience or an isolated emotion?
Jessie: I definitely had moments where I would cry for hours in the DR because I was missing somebody to talk to in the house. That was hard on me. But it wasn't the whole way through. I did come out of it and gave it my best shot.

ETonline: Inside the house, how aware of all the controversial comments were you?
Jessie: Not at all aware. The first hint I had was when Aaryn came into the jury house because she got booed. She came in and spilled the beans to all of us. I was just as shocked as she was. I didn't realize the extent it had impacted America. I do feel like some things were taken out of context, many weren't -- but I'm a sociology major so I look at where people were raised, their normal experience. There is some ignorance mixed in there, so we have to let people learn from their mistakes, otherwise they're going to be afraid to change.

ETonline: Well that kind of meshes with what Aaryn said in her exit interview with Julie when she blamed a lot of her beliefs on being from Texas.
Jessie: Eeeesh. Oh gosh. See, but I'm from Texas. That is so not what Texas is like. Ugh. I do not want anyone to have that impression. Obviously there are sections that still have these outdated opinions. We have big cities, we're not living 40 years ago and Texas is a very welcoming place.

ETonline: Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer have all been fired from jobs as a result of their comments in the house too.
Jessie: No way! [laughs] Wow. You know what, you reap what you sow. I'm not the kind of person who would say things like that in the first place because I have gay friends, black friends ... morals! But I was always very conscious of what I was saying because America was watching and this is only one summer of your life, you wouldn't want to blow any future opportunities.