'BB15' Cast on Racism, Firings & The Winner!


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September 19, 2013

ETonline: What did you think of tonight's vote?
Helen: I was surprised it wasn't unanimous. Andy played the better game. This is Big Brother, if you don't think people are going to lie, you shouldn't be here. Would I have loved to be bitter and not given him the money because he deceived me? Sure. But I've seen so many bitter jury members and hated them for it because you know the better game should win. I wasn't going to be the person I complain about. If I had another vote, it would have gone to GM -- but $50,000 is going to make a big difference in her life too.

ETonline: Yeah, well, especially now. I don't know if you're aware, but GinaMare -- along with Aaryn and Spencer -- was fired from her job as a result of her comments in the house.
Helen: Oh, wow ... I didn't realize it got so severe. I mean, every time I would ask people if they watched Big Brother they'd always say "no" so I didn't think anyone would see this. [laughs] The fact it made national headlines just tells me it's going to break my heart to watch this season. And to know GM said things is shocking because I didn't know she said anything ... guess I'm glad I voted for Andy. I knew Spencer said vulgar things about women all season long. I don't think he's a nice person. I'm not surprised to hear he's in hot water. Oh gosh, he kept making shout-outs to his company during live shows [laughs]. Aaryn, well, we were all aware of her comments. I tried to tell everyone, Candice in particular, that they were all despicable people. We don't stand with them, but they show us that there are still major racial issues in our country and it's people like Candice and I who should be setting a good example for them and showing what good people we are regardless of the color of our skin, or our background. And I do think that's something Aaryn has learned.

ETonline: You do?
Helen: Only time will tell, but she has reached out to me and Candice especially over the last few weeks. We need to be the example for her. If we shut her down, who will teach her? But it hurts my feelings. It takes me back to being called a "pancake face" in school. Those comments stick with me, and it still happens now, but it's important we have open hearts to those people. Now, if Aaryn continues to be a bigot, that's on her. But we tried.