'BB15' Cast on Racism, Firings & The Winner!


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September 19, 2013

ETonline: Why did you vote for GinaMarie?
Aaryn: Andy played that game every single minute he was in there. I knew he would have the votes, but GM has always had my back so if I didn't vote for her, it would have looked really bad.

ETonline: Was Big Brother a positive experience for you?
Aaryn: I think it will become a positive. It's been the biggest learning experience of my life.

ETonline: Let's start with your eviction, what was it like coming out and hearing the audience boo you?
Aaryn: Oh god. I had just been evicted, and I was not expecting that. I was expecting to talk about my wins and my game. I was not expecting that. I did not expect to have my words taken as seriously as they were. Never in my life have I had people watching me all the time. I did not realize. It caught me off guard. I don't remember what I said, but I should have never brought Texas up. I was so overwhelmed. It was a mistake.

ETonline: Do you wish we were talking about your gameplay as opposed to the things you said?
Aaryn: Somewhat. I am somewhat upset that my accomplishments have been overshadowed but I own up to what I did. I should have never said those things. I need to start thinking before I speak. My brain wasn't in the right place. And I'll fix it.

ETonline: As a result of your comments Zephyr Talent Agency has let you go.
Aaryn: I really wasn't actively working for them and we were on the rocks before I even came here. But I have six new agencies that want to interview me, so, I'm OK.

ETonline: GinaMarie and Spencer also lost jobs.
Aaryn: Oh my gosh, I had no idea they lost their jobs. That's ... I guess it doesn't surprise me a lot. But, wow. That's crazy. I did not realize this was taken that seriously.

ETonline: I feel like the Aaryn we saw at the end of the show was an entirely different person than the one who entered the house.
Aaryn: Really?

ETonline: Yeah, the girl who egged Jeremy on to yell at the house about the wine and the person who seemingly developed a friendship with Helen strike me as totally different people. Were you changing your personality to suit the house or is one of those people not the "true Aaryn?"
Aaryn: Who I was at the end of the game is way more who I am than who I am at the beginning. I develop deep relationships after I know people for a long time. I'm very closed off, so when I meet people at first, I have a wall up. The more comfortable I get with people, the more I open up to them.

ETonline: It seems like you and Candice are in a good place after being in the jury house together.
Aaryn: The jury house was amazing. Candice and I got along so well, almost better than I got along with anyone else. We're so close now. The jury house experience was very important to me.

ETonline: Did any of your behavior surprise you? For example, did you think you were the kind of person who would flip a bed?
Aaryn: No! But, for the record, I flipped her bed because she was talking about how we couldn't sleep in that room. It had nothing to do with anything racial. That was just a stupid argument.

ETonline: Why didn't you like Candice?
Aaryn: I don't know. Candice and I, at first, I felt judged by her. I felt judged by a lot of people in the house. So I put up walls, and I think those walls are what made me react the way I did. Everybody's a little insecure.