'BB15' Cast on Racism, Firings & The Winner!


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September 19, 2013

ETonline: Congrats on winning Fan Favorite!
Elissa: Thank you! I'm shocked and so grateful and overwhelmed. It's such an honor and a privilege.

ETonline: Along with Candice, you endured a lot this season. How do you feel about this experience as a whole?
Elissa: Tonight made it worth it [laughs]. Being perceived by America as their favorite in light of what happened in that house is kind of like me getting the last word. That's what happened, it was that bad and I lived every moment of it for 3 months. It was awful. I did BB because I loved the game and I didn't want people to steal that from me.

ETonline: Is that what kept you from self-evicting because there were a lot of moments on the live feed where it truly looked like you were going to quit the game.
Elissa: The reason I didn't self-evict is because people would tell me that I can do this, to just stick with it. I had Helen and Candice's support, but it was almost too much at times. I look at life like you never know when it's going to be your last day, so I don't want to be a negative influence in anyone's life or bring anyone down, so just seeing people hurt sucks. Whether we're in the BB house or real life, there's no room for hate.

ETonline: What was it like inside the house for you?
Elissa: There were dark clouds over the house. It was the most uncomfortable place I've ever been in my entire life. I couldn't believe the things people were saying, it was just something totally unfamiliar for me and it makes me sad that people are so unaware the comments people make hurt people. It was shocking and hurtful. It was just awful.

ETonline: As a result of their comments, Aaryn, Spencer and GinaMarie were fired from their jobs.
Elissa: Oh man ... I had no idea. You know what, I think that sometimes you have to learn the hard way and unfortunately they did.

ETonline: Any chance you'll speak with Amanda or Aaryn after this?
Elissa: Neither. I would never. Not in a million years.