'BB15' Cast on Racism, Firings & The Winner!


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September 19, 2013

ETonline: Was there a moment when you thought Andy would take you to the final two?
Spencer: About a week about there was a brief hint that he might, but I was always wary of the depth of his relationship with GinaMarie. He went out of his way a few times to keep her safe when he didn't have to. But Andy was a phenomenal strategic and social player, and had 5 comp victories at the end of this. It was an honor to play with him.

ETonline: This was a very controversial season. What's your take?
Spencer: There was so many inappropriate things said that I would never say. I tried to stay out, as much as possible, of the racially charged things said that I don't condone. But at the same time I made some off-color comments that maybe offended people, and I'm sorry for that. When you're in an environment like this, you say stupid things because you're just talking all day. I'm so sorry for anything I said, I apologize if I hurt anyone -- or any group of people -- with the things I said. I hope the good things I did outweigh the bad things I said. I feel bad that people were hurt over the things that were said in here because I don't think the people who are taking the brunt of this are hateful people. I blame maturity. Some people just need to grow up a bit.

ETonline: But you said a lot of controversial things as well, and as a result, your company released a statement distancing themselves from you. What's your reaction to that?
Spencer: My union is involved with this, and I'm extremely apologetic for the things I said. I love my job and want to keep it. Sometimes you just make stupid jokes. It was almost like a fraternity house in there -- anything goes, and whether that's right or not, I made some bad judgment calls and I hope the company will take me back. I am a good employee.

ETonline: Your local police also investigated you during the course of the show for really heinous things you said about child pornography. Care to clear that up?
Spencer: I picked up [McCrae's] mic and was saying goofy things. I've heard what a big deal that was, and I do think that was blown out of proportion. And I'm even scared to say that because ... I'm actually really paranoid about that right now. It was a bad joke, I admit it, but I would like to say that I was not condoning any behavior or accusing McCrae of any behavior. That's not me. I know the police department in my hometown got involved, but I was just being stupid. Of all the things to follow you around, I hope that doesn't follow me about. Good god. Having the word "pedophile" attached to your name can be bad news, dude. I hope it doesn't haunt me.

ETonline: Do you feel like you've grown through this experience?
Spencer: Honestly, I think the politically correct thing to say is yes, but, no. I love Andy. I don't care who he loves. Any guy who married Andy is a lucky human being. Howard & Candice are both wonderful people and that's not the person I am. I don't have any hate in my heart. I'm not a hateful person. I wish I hadn't said some of these things, and I really wish they hadn't blown up as big as they have, but now I have to clean up the mess.