'BB15' Cast on Racism, Firings & The Winner!


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September 19, 2013

ETonline: Were you surprised by how wide a margin Andy won?
GinaMarie: To be honest, I really wasn't. A lot of my friends left in the beginning. After Nick left I thought I didn't have anybody besides Aaryn. Andy is a fun-loving person with a lot of friends in the jury, so I'm not surprised. I applaud him. Second place isn't too shabby. I'm happy with the way it worked out. I always played to be the best GinaMarie I would be.

ETonline: Do you feel like you represented the best GinaMarie you could be in the house?
GinaMarie: Things were said, I think sometimes out of anger. We're watched 24/7, but I don't think any of us thought it was blowing up the way it did. I speak for myself and other houseguests when I say that if we offended anyone, we are sorry. I am sorry. I'm generally a good-hearted person and I apologize for my mistakes. I'm from New York, I love everyone. I see different people every day. I do apologize.

ETonline: Of all the controversial things you said, saying you receive "n****r insurance" has gotten the most attention. Why did you say that?
GinaMarie: I love hip-hop music. Sometimes they use that word -- I have a big mouth, I'm Italian, I'm from New York; sometimes I might curse, sometimes I might say things. I don't think it's right for them to use the n-word in music. I know all different nationalities and religions. I'm influenced by all of that because I see it all. I guess I should just watch what I say.

ETonline: What's your reaction on being fired from your job at East Coast Pageants?
GinaMarie: The pageant and the kids are my heart, and my heart is broken. I know that the company has to defend themselves. I'm representing me, not them, so it stinks that I did, but hopefully people see the brighter side of GinaMarie -- I like to smile and have a good time. Hopefully they can see I'm a good person and can work in pageants in the future.

ETonline: The CEO of the company said you're a bad role model for pageant contestants. Do you disagree?
GinaMarie: I wasn't always pretty, I didn't always have long blonde hair. I had braces and always loved to dance, so every time I did a pageant it's because I wanted to dance. I always used to never win. Finally I watched other people, I got stronger, I got better -- and because I lost, I kept going to eventually win. It's like whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That's what made me win. You don't have to be skinny-skinny. You don't have to be blonde with blue eyes; if you've got a good heart and want to show your talent, do pageants. I always try to think positive and hopefully little girls can look up to me and see a positive role model.

ETonline: Switching gears, you seemed to really hold a candle for Nick. Do you think, at times, your feelings for him bordered on insane?
GinaMarie: [laughs] I was previously engaged. I had a little crush back at home, but haven't had feelings for someone in 7 years. Then I met Nick -- he was like a different kind of guy and I felt such a connection. I was blindsided when he left. My heart was broken, so I don't normally act like that. All that stuff with the hat and the shorts was because it made me feel like he was there supporting me, watching me, rooting for me. I'm not psychotic [laughs] -- it just gave me strength.

ETonline: What was your first thought upon seeing him tonight?
GinaMarie: He looked so handsome! Even if we don't pursue a relationship, he'll always be a very good friend. But you never know what's going to happen. There might be a little wedding in the future!