Jon Hamm Reveals What Caused His Throat Injury

Photo: Getty Images
Jon Hamm is opening up about his throat injury and overall health after announcing this week that he's scheduled to undergo surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal cord.
"It's a simple injury," a raspy sounding Hamm told the Associated Press in an interview on Thursday. The 42-year-old Mad Men star added that the large polyp (an abnormal tissue growth) developed on his vocal cord "from overuse, because I talk a lot."
"Other than that, believe it or not, I'm healthy as a horse. Hoarse, get it?" he joked. Hamm's rep has said the polyp removal will be a routine outpatient procedure.
Hamm -- who was nominated for Best Actor at last Sunday's Primetime Emmy Awards -- spoke about his loss to Jeff Daniels of the HBO drama Newsroom. "I'm OK with the results. I'm super happy that Jeff won. I think his work is phenomenal," he said.