'Awkward' Exclusive: Sadie Finds Her Inner Jenna

Photo: MTV

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This Tuesday, MTV offers up A Very Special Episode of Awkward and ETonline scored an exclusive clip from the incredible Afterschool Special-skewering installment.
With cutback worries front-and-center in Val's inexplicable mind, she commandeers Mr. Hart's class with the intention of winning a state-wide video competition (to make herself seem indispensable to the school board) by creating an Afterschool Special, or, A.S.S. as she hilarious abbreviates on the blackboard.
Sadie takes this as an opportunity to mock Jenna's recent downward spiral on a public stage and convinces Val to craft an A.S.S. about "a troubled loser girl who's so desperate for attention she tries to commit suicide, fails, then defies all odds by becoming popular and then manages, slowly but surely, to alienate everyone in her life -- and then she dies." Sound familiar?
"I love this episode," actress Molly Tarlov told ETonline about A Very Special Episode of Awkward, which sees the brilliant comedienne taking on the role of Jenna ... er, Jenny, for Val's A.S.S. Check out ETonline's exclusive clip that proves while Sadie might not be the best actress, Molly most assuredly is.
Awkward airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.