Watch: 'Late Show' Makes Bieber Top 10 List

Photo: Getty Images
In 2011, Justin Bieber was reading the "Top 10 Little-Known Facts About Justin Bieber" on CBS' Late Show. Years later, host David Letterman is reading "Top 10 Justin Bieber Headlines We're Likely To Read."
Following the 19-year-old singer's arrest early Thursday morning, the Late Show decided to make Bieber the focus of their nightly top 10 list. It reads:
10. Out of Options, Bieber Seeks Asylum in Russia
9. Justin Bieber, Sick of Himself, Kicks Own A**
8. Singer Changes Name to Bustin Jieber
7. Justin and Wife Welcome First Biebie
6. Bieber Loses Modeling Deal to 19-Year-Old from Seattle
5. Jury Enters Third Day of Belieberations
4. Bieber, Kardashian Married
3. Bieber, Kardashian Finalize Divorce
2. Mayor Rob Ford Names Bieber Chief of Police
1. Justin Tweets Photo of His Bieber
Add on to this top 10 list with your own headlines, below!