Best Super Bowl Spots Of 2014

Super Bowl Sunday is never just about the football! After the plays and performances, all anyone can talk about are the best (and worst) commercials of the night.
Here's a few of our favorite, star-studded commercial spots made for Super Bowl XLVIII:
1. Newcastle Brown Ale- Is Anna Kendrick "beer commercial" hot?
2. Beats Music- Ellen DeGeneres is a dancing Goldilocks!
3. Dannon Oikos- It's a sexy Full House reunion!
4. Toyota Highlander- Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Highlander gets high-jacked by the Muppets!
5. Budweiser- This Bud ad could make puppies the new cats of the Internet!
6. Audi - What happens when you cross a Doberman and a Chihuahua? Terror.
7. Jaguar - Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston explain why American films are filled with British villains.
8. NFL Network - Leon Sandcastle meets Jerry Ricecake.
9. Wonderful Pistachios - Stephen Colbert and an eagle in a suit. Who could ask for more?
What's your favorite Super Bowl ad?