FIRST LOOK: 'Constantine' Coming To NBC

Constantine is coming to Televison, and he's bringing his trademark tan trench coat with him.
NBC released the photo of actor Matt Ryan, who will play the eponymous character, in his full costume.
Constantine is based off of the cult comic favorite Hellblazer, published by DC Comics, and it follows the twisted adventures of John Constantine, an English con man who becomes a detective investigating demons and the occult and ends up battling the forces of hell to save the planet.
The Constantine pilot is being developed by Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer, beloved horror director Neil Marshall, and Dexter writer Daniel Cerone.
In 2005, Warner Bros. released the motion picture Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves and based loosely off the Hellblazer comics. However, the film diverged greatly from the comic series, even removing the main character's British background and iconic wardrobe, leaving some fans disappointed.
This return to the source material and tan coat indicates that, hopefully, Hellblazer fans will get the adaptation they've been waiting for.
The pilot started shooting earlier this week, and NBC is expected to air the series in the fall.