'Game Of Thrones' Opening Credits Gets 'Brady Bunch' Revamp

Photo: SyFy
Game of Thrones may have more in common with The Brady Bunch then you may think after watching this mash-up of the acclaimed HBO series and the beloved '70s sitcom.
The opening title sequence of Game Of Thrones is hailed for its beauty, brilliance and the way it lays out the fantasy world in a 3D animated map of the land of Westeros. However, as The Wil Wheaton Project points out, the title sequence is lacking in explaining the characters and their "complicated relationships."

Surprisingly, when you insert the characters into the iconic Brady Bunch title sequence, it gets easier to keep up with these huge families. "Here's the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three kids, one a pest. He had hair of gold like his uncle, because of incest," the lyrics read, explaining the Lannister family.
This mash-up may actually help fans wrap their head around the writhing vipers' nest of plot lines-- not to mention it's also hilarious. "Till the one day when these ladies met these fellows, and they slipped each other very graphic bones. And this group, would somehow murder families. That's the way we all play the Game of Thrones!"
GOT just aired their season finale this past Sunday, and won't be back for some time. In the meantime, The Wil Wheaton Project airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. What did you think of the HBO show's season finale?