EXCLUSIVE: 'Extreme Weight Loss' Contestant Gets Pushed Over the Brink

Extreme Weight Loss contestant Bruce Pitcher has one button and Chris Powell pushed it in this exclusive sneak peek of next week's episode.

"Today, I'm going to be the voice that's been in Bruce's head for the last 29 years -- his father," said Chris. "I want Bruce to realize that he can push back."

Growing up, Bruce's father was impossible to please, and the taunt of "I'm not impressed" still echoes in his head daily. In the video, Chris mocks Bruce with the phrase during his workout until Bruce gets fed up.

"I felt like I wasn't performing and it affected me in my workout," said Bruce. "It got me in a panic. I couldn't take it."

Watch the clip to see what happens when Bruce finally snaps.

Extreme Weight Loss airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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