Michael Weatherly Reveals The Secret Behind The Worldwide Love For 'NCIS'

CBS's long-running crime drama NCIS has consistently been the most watched show in America. However, the show was recently honored for being the highest rated drama in the entire world.
At a celebration held for the cast and creators, ET's Brooke Anderson caught up with Michael Weatherly, who plays the fan-favorite Anthony DiNozzo, to find out why he thought the show worked so well overseas.
"[People around the world] love the humor and the interaction between the characters," Weatherly said. "It feels like a family, and it feels real. Or it feels like their work place… we don't just solve a crime, we fill in all that other stuff."
NCIS, which spawned the hugely popular NCIS: LA, has been on for 11 seasons with 258 episodes under its belt and has been renewed for a 12th season. So how does a show like that stay fresh?
"This show has had to change over and over and over again," Weatherly observed. "And that is really where the extraordinary value is."
"It's one thing to sort of be a one-hit wonder," the actor added. "But… we keep cranking out the hits baby!"
Season 12 of NCIS debuts September 23 at 8pm on CBS.