Watch Paul Walker in One of His Final Television Appearances

One of Paul Walker's final television projects will air tonight on Discovery's Spawn of Jaws: The Birth.
Walker was a massive supporter of shark and ocean conservation, working closely with Dr. Michael Domeier to help find the location of great white breeding grounds. Unfortunately, he passed away during filming.
Close friend and Fast and Furious co-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson filmed a touching intro to the episode, dedicated to his dear friend, "Last year the ocean lost one of its biggest advocates. Paul Walker was not only an incredible actor, a very good friend, and a loving and devoted father to beautiful Meadow Rain, he was also a champion for shark and marine conservation whose efforts inspired so many."
Paul's dedicated passion to marine conservation will air tonight as part of Shark Week on Discovery Channel at 10/9c.
Watch the video above to see The Rock's touching intro and one of Paul Walker's final appearances on television.