Facts of Life As Told by Lauren Conrad

Reality check: it’s been 10 years since Laguna Beach premiered. If this makes you feel old … don’t worry, you’re not alone.
We’ve all watched as Lauren Conrad has gone from a high school senior to a million dollar mogul. From dealing with the treacherous terrain of a Kristen Cavallari and Stephen Colletti love triangle to losing her best friend Heidi Montag to Spencer Pratt, the 28-year-old has definitely learned quite a bit over the last decade. That being said, we've also learned a lot from her. So to highlight the former reality stars ten years in the spotlight, we've compiled a list of things she’s taught us over the years. 
Bad style is a total deal breaker. 
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It’s best to take your makeup off before balling your eyes out.
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When you’re wrong, admit it.
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The “guy radar.”
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Take your career seriously. 
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If given the opportunity, go to Paris. 
Commit to all the facial expressions.

No need to always take the blame. 

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Check out the video above to hear Lauren’s three tips she recently gave to her 18-year-old self during an interview with MTV