'NCIS: Los Angeles' Stars LL Cool J & Chris O'Donnell Promise Action & Romance for Season 6

Season six of NCIS: Los Angeles kicks off tonight, and stars LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell stopped by the set of ET to give us a sneak peek.
In the season premiere, agents Hanna (LL) and Callen (Chris) find themselves trapped on a submarine. They promise action AND romance.
"If we make it off the sub hopefully there will be some romance," said LL. "There won't be any sub-mance."
When safely above sea level, the 46-year-old actor/rapper, whose album G.O.A.T. 2 comes out soon, continues to garner plenty of female attention. Over the weekend, LL was gifted with some personal "souvenirs" during a stage show.
"There were panties in my back pocket," said LL, while looking at the YouTube video. "The girls were throwing panties on stage."
Chris O'Donnell has a special history with George Clooney, who wed Amal Alamuddin over the weekend -- he played Clooney's sidekick in Batman & Robin.
"I was his first love, clearly," Chris joked. He'll have to wait for his and LL's co-star Miguel Ferrer, Clooney's cousin, to come back to work at NCIS: Los Angeles to hear the real inside scoop on the Italian wedding.
NCIS: Los Angeles airs on a new night and time: Mondays at 10/9c on CBS.