Lisa Vanderpump Teases Upcoming ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Wedding Drama, Tom Schwartz Explains Cheating

Vanderpump Rules is a true Bravo goldmine filled with pretty people and drama galore. Not only do we love Lisa Vanderpump’s ‘Real Housewives’ spin-off series, but Jennifer Lawrence proved she’s also a fan by recreating the show’s opening credits with her gal pals during a night out at Pump last month.

“I never kiss and tell and we do have a lot of celebrities in our establishment, but that night I had her escape out the back so no paparazzi got her and I think she was pleased with that,” Lisa Vanderpump told ETonline’s Katie Krause when we caught up with her and her ‘Pump’ castmates Scheana Marie and Tom Schwartz last week. Check out the whole interview in the video above. 

“To my surprise, she went home & made this thing and posted it on social media,” she added before gushing over how delightful the actress was. “It was quite incredible, she is absolutely divine and she was so much fun, she really was.”

And while Lisa was thrilled to see that Jennifer and her pals captioned their group photo with a “#TeamLisa” hashtag, Scheana was curious to find out if the Mockingjay starlet supported anyone else from the drama-filled show! 

“I want to know which team on Vanderpump [Rules] she's on,” she joked, adding “I was so excited when I saw that!”

The Oscar winner isn’t the only one watching the soapy reality series; it’s currently rivaling 'Housewives' viewership with an average of 1.3 million viewers per episode – and there’s much more drama to come. In tonight’s explosive episode, Tom Schwartz’s loyalty to his longtime girlfriend Katie Maloney is tested. Ironically, she was the one dodging cheating rumors last week.

“I would like to say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but unfortunately for me that’s not the case,” Schwartz teased.

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Recreates The Vanderpump Rules Opening Credits With Her Pals!

“I was kind of a bad boy this season. I was like 12 shades of Jax, you know, as opposed to 50 shades of Jax,” he joked, referencing the show’s biggest troublemaker, Jax Taylor.

And while a lot of potentially damaging information about Tom is set to surface, the model/actor assured us he and Katie are still going strong.

“We're working through it,” he explained. “I was a bit of a douche this season; I made a lot of mistakes. We learned a lot from it though and we’ve grown since then… things are going well and I think we're stronger now.”

VIDEO: Jax Taylor Teases Explosive New Season of Vanderpump Rules

“I love everything about Tom except his lack of commitment,” Lisa playfully chimed in.

The trio also teased that viewers can expect an intense showdown during an episode centered on Scheana’s wedding to her now-husband Dan Shay.

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“Someone... loses it at the wedding,” Lisa reveals.

Scheana blames alcohol for the ruckus that went down, “It was an open bar!”

One argument per soirée seemed like an accomplishment to Tom though. “We consider that a success by the way,” he jokingly boasted. “One fight?! We were proud of that!”

The group also opened up about Stassi’s latest friend fallout, and we played a game called “Pump or Pass” where Tom’s questionable bartending skills were fully put to the test. But, let’s be honest, it’s hard to mess up Lisa Vanderpump’s signature bottled sangria!

To watch the whole segment, just watch the video above!

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