Paul Rosolie Bites Back at 'Eaten Alive' Backlash

Paul Rosolie has some explaining to do after Eaten Alive, his Discovery Channel two-hour special on Sunday, was cut short when he bailed out of being consumed by an anaconda.
Twitter slammed the naturalist for not going through with the stunt, and on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rosolie attempted to defend his decision not to be swallowed up by the snake advertised. "I mean, hey, we gave it the best shot we could," he said via Skype.
During the special, set in the Amazon, Rosolie halted the snake's feast after only his head was consumed. This, despite the fact he'd previously claimed he was wearing a "snake-proof" suit covered in pig's blood.
When Kimmel points out that those watching were disappointed that he wasn't "eaten alive," Rosolie reacted, "I think they missed the whole point of the show then."
So, when did he realize this was a bad decision? "About the time I felt my bones starting to creak," Rosolie recalled.
Kimmel quipped that he should be eaten alive by something to appease viewers, an alligator at least. "I mean, I think I owe it to the people of planet earth to get eaten by something, no," the naturalist responded.
The host had a better idea, adding, "I'd like to see you have sex with a hippo."
Rosolie -- who's said he was being eaten alive to draw attention to the rain forest -- replied, "I'm not sure I'd be into that."
Kimmel quipped back, "Think about the rainforest!"